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Top Retirement Savings Growth
9.8%, Highest Capital Appreciation Available Today !
These annuities provide lump-sum payouts at MATURITY
Fixed and Fixed Index, Best Rated Annuities that Provide:

  • Highest guaranteed ongoing fixed index retirement income annuities,       
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  • High Yield Annuity, best rated plans allow your CASH BALANCE to GROW   
    at 9.8% for the highest capital appreciation in the best FIXED annuities
  • "Fixed Index Annuities are the best low risk investments for the
    average investor," per "The Wharton School of Business Two Year Study"
Our Firm represents 94 of the best rated Financial Institutions
providing annuities!
These top institutions provide us with the Best Rated Annuity in the industry for investing and retirement. Providing our client with a retirement income that they can not out live, the Best
Rated Annuity for stability and a consistent yield. Our Best Rated Annuity provides our clients with a fixed 7% APY with the added advantage of the best rated annuity's index yield which
can be
up to an added 31% in a good year. Best Annuities and Financial Planning Alpharetta, GA
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  •  Build your retirement savings fast for CASH payouts when you need the
     funds in five to ten years, utilizing the POWER of J.P. Morgan INDEXING  

  • Grow your funds safely and rapidly for available liquid savings !
                                                   Best Annuity Plans with the Highest Income Rates                                                                           
"How to Choose
the Best Highest
By; Dr Shelby Smith
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